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About the game

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About the game

Final Stretch is a single player, 2D, side scrolling endless runner game. My starting point was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and through research I discovered that medicine is one of the main areas that AI is having a significant impact.

I know people with cancer who have a very positive outlook and I have fundraised for Cancer Research.  This made me realise that life is short and we really have to make the most of it, that is the central theme of Final Stretch. My aim is to get people to stop and enjoy life.

The main character is a 20-year old called Luke who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Luke makes a bucket list of places he would like to go and things he would like to do.

Despite the backstory of terminal illness, the game is a fun and light-hearted. The art style is influenced by comic art and pop art so the colours are mostly vibrant.

Story Overview

  • The main character is a twenty-year old called Luke.
  • He has been diagnosed with a fatal illness and doesn’t have long to live.
  • He is currently hospitalised and he has decided to make a ‘bucket list’ of places to go and things to do
  • His first challenge is to escape from hospital.
  • The bucket list becomes the tool for the doctors and nurses to figure out where he is going and also acts as the theme selection.
  • There are 5 themes.

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