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Adam Rosser

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Adam Rosser

Adam Rosser 

Todays lecture was very fun because we went through the history of games from paper games, board games, Unity games and online games that had won awards liked Over Cooked which was made by a small time with great success. Everything becomes better through the process of time, game graphics are now near photorealism and has now become an enormous industry beating even the film industry.

People who made John Wick also worked previously on the Borderlands games which is also very stylistic and packed full with action. Some still think of gamers as people who play in dimly light rooms and live inside basements but now some game communities can be bigger than the population of countries. Games have the capacity to reach out to people and let them experience things they could never dream of, games can even get BAFTA awards because of how influential and ground breaking they can be.

Lots of outlets are taking gaming seriously now except for some of the mainstream media with some exception. Some people think gaming news is small and irrelevant but they couldn’t be more wrong, now more then ever gaming news is massive with online games like Overwatch creating the Overwatch League where teams from around the world compete with millions of people watching them. One of the problems with people not taking games seriously is lack of understanding and adapting, the older generation when given a console controller will be confused and give up without giving it a chance.

There are now plenty of well established games companies making AAA games that make millions and who have a loyal and devoted fan base. Working for games companies, getting experience and climbing the ladder while working on your own side projects is a dream I aspire to.


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