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Alex Ayling

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Alex Ayling

Alex Ayling

We had a brilliant lecture today from Alex Ayling.  We talked about how eight bit music is synonymous with old school games like Super Mario. We also looked at clips of a  jazz group imitating Game of Throne’s main theme song. People have made the assumption that music in games is just that and can’t be listened to in any other context. It’s still music and can be considered interesting and enjoyable to anyone listening to it outside of it’s supposed context.  Alex advised us to widen our scope of music, for example, just because our game is set in Florence in the 15th century the music has to reflect that.  Jesper Kyd who helped create some of the sound tracks for Assassins Creed (which was based in 15th century Florence) simply used music that made it interesting yet put you in that space. Other notable names are Brian Eno and Phillip Glass for creating interesting music.

Alex said to consider the place and the associated sounds of that place and choose appropriate sounds.  For example and a dimly lit poker room would still have the sound of somebody dealing cards and probably have quiet muzak in the background.

Platos allegory of the cave was a very interesting video going through understanding reality in games using visuals and sounds. We went through how accents can have a certain distinctiveness giving our brains assumptions, first thoughts, sense of space around people.  Mimesis/ hyper reality was also an interesting subject matter. Eating requires sound and I need to add sound to everything to make an impact i.e. running, jumping etc.  Listening to Bio Shock character dialogue even without seeing movement,  was able to conjure up in my mind his mannerisms, personality, posture etc.   Sound effects gives scenes more emotional depth and empathy.  Sounds can indicate whether dialogue interaction and conversations are sad or angry or happy and gives more impact to the visuals.  Absence of sound can give emotional states much more depth and meaning for example if someone was yelling but no sound was coming out it’s powerful that they are robbed of their voice.  Sound  can be used for narrative purposes, gameplay and different sections of music combined together to create ambiance.

Conclusion: Use sound to create a space, stylistic sound effects and simulation of space.


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