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Alumni (Bobbi Allsop & Claudia Thomas)

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Alumni (Bobbi Allsop & Claudia Thomas)

Bobbi and Claudia come to talk to us about what they had been up to since leaving the games course last year and also what it was like when they were making their own game in third year. They showed us the game they made called Hurry Hurry Heal Me and their design journey on why and how they decided to make a entertaining game rather than a serious one.

They talked about their inspirations like Over Cooked and other local multiplayer games. They also talked about the importance of organisation, development and prototyping. Challenging yourself but understanding what you are capable is key and also to know when to leave something behind.

They showed us how they used social media and what types of events to go to like EGX REZZED and other events in Norwich and Brighton. When they were at the events they showed their game off and started talking and started making connections with other developers. They aslo gave good advice to taylor your CV to specific companies or people you want to intern at.


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