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Carleigh Morgan

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Carleigh Morgan

Carleigh Morgan

Carleigh Morgan is the Academic Advisor to the British Esports team.  She is also undertaking a PhD connected to the global eSports market and is a lead researcher in her field looking at embodiement, digital labour, and the entanglements of technological emancipation/alientation through the lens of competitive gaming (eSports).

Carleigh spoke to us about user feedback, instructor and the network of cybernetics and feedback loops of information. Cybernetics are the legacy of games, it all started in the 1950/1960’s which helped the creation of A.I.

She spoke about the importance of the classification and how we interact with each other. We then went into how our eyes are feature detectors and receptors of neurones. Interface/experience design with user and mechanics shows the differences and importance of humans and computers (patterns,codes, informations.)

In summary Carleigh talked about human/user/cybernetic organisms and system theory/defines user and how immersion is key.


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