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Mind The Film

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Mind The Film

Friday 9 March 2019

Mind the Film Workshop with Susanna

Susanna suggested that for our introduction to the documentary we could use an interview approach i.e pretend that I am being interviewed and answering the obvious questions.  The background would record my “answers” and show footage in the background. I need to collect some footage or use archive footage with endless runner in mind for example, videos that show speed. I could use a common theme between videos for example running clips.

Susanna suggested that I look at Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (netflix documentary) for film making techniques.  We also discussed the approach- capture (taken in the moment)/create (plan the pose).  She recommended Emile Rafael (short feature documentary)  and Graydon Sheppard.

Susanna said that we need think of how to tell our game story, documentary style, screen recordings, interviews, screen shots, sound bits of relevant stuff.  We can also dress up, use voice overs, document the process, comment on the philosophy behind the game idea.  We can also look at the abstract and she suggested looking at Capturing Reality:The Art of Documentary by Pepita Ferrari (Netflix) and the film Amelie which has a narrator speak over footage. I also need to incorporate what I liked doing and what I found complicated making the game by giving lots of information in a simple way.   Exercise: cooking list and recipe (what video shots,screen shots, drawings, interviews, voice over, show different aspects, can have chapters/structure within film, people want to know your story, come up with a list of questions for yourself,

Film only has to be 1:30/2 mins maximum (although the brief says 90 seconds)

A-roll: interviews

B-roll: secondary footage that helps tell the story

We can use voice over: unseen narrator, visible character, expressing unspoken thoughts, texts, captions and motion graphics.


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